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You'll appreciate the latest innovations in vinyl flooring. They make it the right choice for many low maintenance, long lasting and unique design applications.

Vinyl floors offer:
Unlimited design options - match any decor
Ease of maintenance - no hassles with mopping
Good durability - even in traffic areas
Broad range of costs - fits all budgets
Extremely moisture resistant - for wet area use
Unlimited usage - use in any room of the home
Longer lasting than carpet

Vinyl floors today have developed from the  original linoleum floors of yesteryear when homeowners were looking for a way to get a different look in their home flooring options. Vinyl became popular as a floor covering because it is water resistant and affordable. People could cover their kitchen and bathroom floors with vinyl for much cheaper than they could with ceramic and it holds up well under the "pressure" of spilled water.  Vinyl still remains popular as a floor covering because of its multitude of colors and styles and its affordability. Manufacturers have also responded to some of the inherent problems of vinyl installation through new "floating" vinyl floors, which flex with the house and don't show seams or flooring imperfections as easily.

At Carpet Discount Warehouse we offer the finest quality of vinyl floors, from the leading manufacturers, at the best prices.  We also have the most experienced installers in the Riverside, San Bernardino area.  Call us today for a FREE in-home estimate(951)351-1022, (951)352-2530 or fill our online request form.



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